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Elyse Hudacsko guides teens and young adults to journey through life on their own authentic terms.


Elyse Hudacsko (rhymes with fiasco) served as guidance counselor to more than 500 young adults in her role as a Staffing and Development Manager at a Global Fortune 500 consulting firm for more than a dozen years.   She then turned her focus to homeschooling her two teenage daughters in things such as determination, kindness, observation, and vulnerability. And now Elyse is sharing her expertise in guidance and education as an author, coach, and speaker.


Elyse’s love of helping others find their true path springs from her personal experience of having followed everyone else’s suggestions to an Engineering degree at Cornell University, a job as a computer programmer, a NYC penthouse apartment.  And a life that did not light her up.


After years of studying and reflection she discovered her authentic self and her own unique path.  And this process she wishes to share with others.


  • Why is it important to live a life in alignment with your authentic self?

  • What keeps people from living a life of their own unique direction?

  • How does mainstream education hinder our authenticity?

  • What tools can we use to discover ourselves?

  • How can we teach our kids to develop a knowing of themselves?


"My Life, My Way" is a book for young adults who are ready to begin creating a UNIQUE path for their life.  Simple exercises and entertaining stories take them on the journey of discovering their authentic selves and teach them to use what they uncover to set a unique direction for an exceptional life.  They learn what they are most passionate about, where their greatest talents lie, how they want to impact the world, what success looks like to them, and what brings them the most happiness. Numerous practices and tools are shared with them so that they may know how to use all of their self-understanding throughout their life.

"By Little Hands" provides moms with instructions and full-color photographs for 26 projects to do with their 2 * to 5 year old. Each project includes a description, a list of tools and materials, step-by-step instructions, ideas for bonding through song and learning, and tips and tricks for managing the mess and creating a spectacular finished project.


$100 - $1650

Current topics for teens and young adults include:

“Why You Need to Discover Your Own Unique Direction” (30 min)

"How to Find Your Own Unique Direction”

(1 hour)

“Discovering What Makes Your Life Exceptional”

(Full Day or Weekly Class)

Current topics for parents include:

“Why Your Teen Needs to Discover Their Own Unique Direction” 

(30 min)

“It’s the Journey, Not the Destination”

(30 min)

Custom presentations and workshops are available!