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Online Courses.

Homeschool Unit Studies.


For individuals looking for their direction in life...

How to Make Exceptional Decisions About College, Career, and Life

$13 on Amazon

My Life, My Way

A course encouraging young adults to seek an exceptional life by discovering their authentic self.

$39.99 (on sale now) on Udemy

The Strange Pull of What You Really Love

For individuals looking to focus on self-care ...

A Workbook of Self-Care

$13.59 on Blurb

A Year of You

A Journal of Self-Appreciation

$28.19 on Blurb


For parents looking to help their kids grow ...

Purchase individual unit studies on topics like mythology, the middle east, baking, and more.

Unit Studies for Middle and High School

Create a philosophy that defines what "best" education means for your family.

$45 on Teachable

How to Be Sure Your Child is Getting the Best Education Possible

A free eBooklet that shares simple practices to help your teen gracefully manage the process of finding themselves.

How to Be Victorious Over the Toxic Teens Years

"I definitely think I am more prepared to make decisions in alignment with my authentic self. Making these decisions and letting go of fear is scary, but your powerful words, personal stories, and exercises have helped let go of some doubts. You did a really great job convincing me of the importance of making decisions in alignment with my authentic self."

- Mary

"This was a fun course, full of interesting ideas. The short exercises are simple to do but they are very revealing. I felt gently steered towards what is important to me, by looking at it from several different directions. I liked that it gave me a set of lists, images, ideas, and a "map of my authentic self" that I can use as guiding tools for making choices in the future. A fun and valuable exploration!"

- Pascale

"Love this idea!  All the little things we take for granted - but are really quite amazing.  Thanks for reminding me to slow down and be more mindful of the simple things that make our world."

- Leah